A film by Tobias Ilsanker written by Gabriel Tamez Music by Artlist Portugal, 2021

D R I F T W O O D.

Ever so often, a tree will leave the forest that it once knew for a journey. Reshaping riverbanks, building ecosystems and even crossing oceans, it’ll surrender itself to be weathered and transformed into DRIFTWOOD. I believe we all experience moments in life that uproot us. Some stay in place to rebuild and grow. Others like myself? We find the flow and slip downstream, allowing the here and now to sculpt our characters, scraping away our own hubris against the vastness of the Universe. And it’s in those razor thin edges, between shadowy nostalgia and the luminous unknown, where we find beauty and purpose should we bother to linger. Where the closest of friendships are born and the brightest of experiences are held. Those delicate moments are precious; it’s what we value and carry from one place to the next. For seafaring driftwood, it’s said that its fate ultimately awaits at the bottom of the deep blue. One day I’ll leave these coastlines too, subject to life’s currents. But until such a time comes… I exist in the polychromed edges, to be marked by the slippage of time, savouring the glimmering details that too often go unnoticed.

The swell of the ever? New world record?

The 29th October 2020 Nazaré was absolutely on fire and went XXL !

Hurricane "Epsilon" brought one of the biggest waves to the little fishing town!

What a memorable day!

Luckily everyone is safe!

Amazing Job from all the surfers out there and the enourmous courage from the rescue teams! Here some highlights!

More soon!

"all my footage is available to license"

Untitled photo


A calling for the Wild is ever constant, the Lure of Adventure is ever present.

Sometimes in Life we need to feel we are Adrift.

Cinematography & Edit by Tobias Ilsanker

Narration written by Richard Sutcliffe

Soundtrack & Voice Over by Colin Macleod

"For Old Times Sake"

Starring: Dane Hall & Jayce Robinson

Filmed & edited: Tobias Ilsanker

Sometimes we all get a little lost in who we are and what we are doing. We wonder where all the fun went and how life used to be so easy. During the 2 week filming of this clip, good buddies from St.Ives, Cornwall, Jayce and Dane surfed their brains out all day long in some of Portugal’s finest waves. Just like the old days, there were no problems, no stress, no worries. The sun was shining and the waves were insane. us folks gain and lose friends every day, but the true ones will be with you for ever. never forget who you are and where your roots came from.

The Big Indian Ocean Swell 

Mentawai XXL Kandui on the century swell, perfect left hand tubes , people getting their best barrels & scariest wipeouts!  

Indonesia - Mentawai, Kandui, Bang Bang Surfcamp, Bali, Uluwatu,

To license the footage please PM me!

This clip contains the 3 best waves (Garrett McNamara, Kealii Mamala, Antonio Silva) of the epic and massive swell, that hit Praia do Norte (Nazare) on the 28.01.2013.

Music: Brad Stock - The Sun www.bradstockmusic.com

As good as it gets - Supertubos - Peniche - Portugal

The video has been captured throughout my time in Bali, Gili and Nusa Lembongan. Keep in mind this scenes are just a part of what has been seen and smelled! A definately mindchanging and enhancing trip for your sense of values. Music: Seryn - Beach Song

Meanwhile the 2015 Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal - World Surf League started in Supertubos yesterday morning, Joel Parkinson, Josh Kerr and Kai Otton scored a firing righthander off the contest area around Peniche before their heat started. Adam Melling, Dane Hall, Bede Durbidge joined

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